Margunn Korsveien

Hi, my name is Margunn! I am mom of two lovely girls, Emilie and Mina, and girlfriend to a lucky mechanic. I am an educated social worker with special pedagogy. I work at a primary school and love to work with children.

Family, safety and trust are important values to me. My friends and family describes me as kind, caring and sometimes distant. I am a very social person, but I also love my alone time. And I love chocolate <3

I have great passion for painting. I paint a lot in my spare time, first of all because I think it’s fun. And also it has become my way of escaping reality for a while. I am the kind of person that can dream away a lot. When I paint I feel like I am in another world, without any concerns. Painting is therapy for me, and makes me feel good. That is also why use a lot time on it.